Exciting opportunity!

Hello all, and welcome to my blog!  I’m Monica Baker, the author of Wild Hunt.  Now if you go look for it over on Amazon, you’ll find it’s not there anymore!

Why? You may ask.  Well it’s simple.  I unpublished it!

“Ok, so you aren’t an author anymore?”

pfft far from it!  I unpublished it because I got picked up by a publishing house!!!  Saga Press!  (Heathen, not Simon and Sheuster) This is a very exciting venture for both of us!

See, they are grabbing Wild Hunt and will re-release it as a second edition,  all shiny and new, with a brand spanking new cover, *which will be revealed here!* as well as all sorts of spit and polish that I couldn’t find outside of a publisher.  Which means, you, as a reader, will be getting a superior novel.  I also plan to put out the sequels through this publisher as well.  I can’t wait!  I really should be working on my second title but I just had to let ya’ll know over the blogosphere.

So, please subscribe, keep an eye on this space for a future re-release party announcement due sometime in 2015.  I really can’t wait!


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