When the Muse grabs you…let go or be dragged.

Alrighty, I’m working on the draft for my second novel right now.  Some days I have a “What the hell do I write” deal going on, and some days, like today, my muse grabs me and holds me to my computer, puts his fingers in my brain and I have to write the thing.

Like today, I got the perfect finisher for chapter 4 downloaded into my head, so I wrote that, then I got another scene for later in the book downloaded into my head.  So I wrote that in a separate file to copy/paste at the appropriate time in the novel.   Now I have such a huge surge of energy, I actually WANT to go mow my lawn now.  So it’s like WEEEEHEE I did what I was supposed to do now I have to do the household crap.

It’s gonna be a doozy I’ll tell ya.  Book 2 is gonna be one of those gut wrenching kick you in the teeth sexy rides.  I guarantee it.


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