YAY! First round edits are back!

Today I’m gong to be spending most of my day going over the manuscript for Wild Hunt since I just got it back with the first round of edits!  *squee*  that was fast!

I think I’m weird.  I WANT my stuff edited and polished because I know I make mistakes when I type out my story.  I try my best with grammar and spellcheck, but nothing, nothing, beats a good editor.  Absolutely nothing.

So, if you’re an Indie Author, please do yourself a favour, and invest in an editor service.  They are trained to pick things up that you will miss, either because you’re emotionally invested in it, or just are cross eyed from staring at the same phrase for three hours trying to figure out why it isn’t flowing right.

My friend Ki Brightly offers editing services at a pretty reasonable rate

Another friend of mine Kristine Reardon also offers editing services at a reasonable rate as well.

I know of a few others, but their time is pretty tightly limited so their availability is not guaranteed, hence why I’m not going to list them here.

Another few that I’m not personally friends with, but found on Twitter:

JMW Editing Service


Quiet House Editing

I will add more as I come across them.  I figure having a comprehensive list of editors all in one place for Indie Authors to go to will be a great benefit for everyone.


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