It’s been a while! Power outages suck

Greetings readers!  I know I haven’t posted in a while, and the real reason is, well one, my day job has been keeping me pretty busy, along with writing the second installment of the Mirasenna series.  Another reason, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Arthur knocked my power out for a few days.  It has just recently been turned on again.

So Wild Hunt is in it’s second round of edits!  I’m super stoked tbh, and the cover art is coming at a decent pace.  I’m so excited to see both finished products!  I hope you are as well!

Luckily the power outage didn’t cause much of my food to go off, just some eggs and milk products.  Everything else stuck through pretty well.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get any writing done, because I had to save my cell phone battery for true emergencies.  My laptop died in under an hour even with power saver mode, so that was a no-go as well.  Handwriting, nope.  Not happening.  I can’t read my own hen scribbles to save my life.  Let’s just say typing has helped me become the author that I am.  If there was no such thing as typewriters or computers, I probably wouldn’t be writing.  My penmanship is horrific.

So, that’s the update y’all!  I hope to hear more from my publisher about Wild Hunt soon!


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