Another Excerpt from Wild Hunt!

reflections on the ocean

Figure this picture would work for this excerpt, since they are overlooking the water.

Greetings readers!  I figure that it’s about time I gave you a little more of a taste from The Wild Hunt!  It’s in it’s second round of edits with Saga Press.  The cover art is coming along as well and will be slated for a reveal shortly!  I have a video trailer that will be in the works soon as well!  I’m so excited!  I’m going to do it properly this time, so please forgive the rough start.  That’s what happens when one jumps the gun and is impatient I guess.

So without further ado, another excerpt from The Wild Hunt!

Luke grabbed Miriam by the elbow and silently guided her out of the school and into the parked Cougar as screams of horror and disgust started to ring out. His heart was racing; he hoped that all the people there would just think Jonas’ trick went awry because he didn’t set the barrel up in the right spot, or that Luke and Miriam moved from the arranged spot. Anything but what really went on.

Alrighty, where do you want to go?” Luke asked the stunned Miriam with a twinkle in his eye.

What the hell happened in there?” She asked. “Wait, I don’t want to know. Let’s just get out of here before the cop comes. Head on the east road, there’s an overlook there.”

Luke gunned the engine and took off down the road towards the overlook, just as the police car and ambulance rounded the corner. The Cougar’s sports suspension jarred harshly as they hit the dirt road leading to the overlook. It was one of the main tourist attractions on the island. The lookout was a high cliff with a view towards the north east, so they could see the icebergs drift by and humpback whales play in the surf through a set of old fashioned viewers that were planted in the ground.

The couple got out of the car and walked towards a bench under the light of the full moon. The emeralds in Miriam’s dress glittered in the pale light and her pale skin seemed to glow.

Loki caught his breath at the sheer beauty he was witnessing. It took every ounce of self-control that he could muster to not grab her and seduce her right then and there.

Hey Luke!” Miriam called out, “there’s a bench over here, if ya wanna sit and talk for a bit.” She gathered her full skirts over her ankles and started walking up the dirt path towards the wooden bench that was atop of the cliff. A rope barrier to keep people from falling down the cliff face was silhouetted against the night sky.

Luke grinned to himself and followed the young woman to the bench. The tang of the gentle sea breeze filled his nostrils. “Hey, wait up!” He called after Miriam.

Miriam reached the bench first and sat down. She hoped Luke would get close on the bench, like he did when they were dancing. She didn’t know what she felt when she looked in his eyes, but she wanted more.

Luke sat down next to Miriam and scooted over close to her so their hips were touching. He put his arm over the back of the bench, so it rested behind the young woman’s shoulders.

So, your brother said you’ve never been here before.” Miriam started off.

No, I haven’t. This is my first time here,” Luke replied earnestly, looking deep into her eyes.

I… find that hard to believe,” Miriam stammered, taken away by the wash of emotions as the man held her gaze. “See, Tom told me that when I was five Jonas tried to drown me and this man, with really bright red hair who was, like, super good lookin’ and built, came out of nowhere and saved me. When I saw your picture, that memory came flooding back.”

No, it wasn’t me. Sorry. I was about seven years old at the time and living up in Gander. There are tons of guys out there with my hair color around.”

Oh,” Miriam said disappointed. “Well…” she trailed off as Luke put his free hand under her chin and tilted her face up towards his.

Shhh,” Luke said, as he brought his mouth down on hers in a gentle kiss, her first kiss. The arm that he had resting on the bench slid down around her waist, embracing her close to his body. As Luke’s lips met hers, it felt like her blood turned to boiling water and the air around her was changed with electricity. Between her legs started to feel all tingly and damp. The kiss felt like it would last an eternity and she was disappointed when it ended.

Luke looked at her with something in his eyes she’d never seen before in a man. It attracted her, but scared her at the same time. She stared up at Luke in wide eyed amazement as the kiss broke.

He cleared his throat. “I really should get you home, mostly before I forget the promise I made to my brother.”

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