The Cover….The cover is here! It is time for the big COVER REVEAL!

So, after months of waiting, the cover for Wild Hunt is finally finished!  The book itself is slated for publishing at the end of this month! I AM SO EXCITED!  I am going to be releasing a video trailer for it right before the major release so stay tuned!

So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Ah heck, I’m gonna ramble on a little more hahaha.  It’s my blog.  See, when I first released Wild Hunt, I didn’t really know what I was doing.  I knew I had a great book, I was told time and time again, I had a wonderful concept.  I just needed a publishing house to pick me up.  I’m so grateful that Larissa Hunter over at Saga Press decided I was a good fit for her house!

So here goes nothing!  A COVER!  The brand spanking new cover for Wild Hunt..

Cover-1-1 (1)

Isn’t it GORGEOUS?

So if all goes according to plan, the book will be hitting Amazon around Samhain/Halloween!  Fitting for a book called “Wild Hunt”  based around the Hunt of Dead Souls in Norse Mythology, that supposed to peak around that day.  Veeeeery interesting!


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