It’s ABOUT TO HAPPEN! *squees excitedly*

Wild Hunt is back from the copy editor! Just need to get a few wires all settled in with Amazon to merge the editions with that of my publisher and I’ll be all set! *happy joy joy joy*


I seriously don’t know if I should be excited or nervous or both. Wild Hunt is going to be re-released in a few short weeks, or even ahead of schedule!

My book promo/trailer video isn’t even back from WolfStar Pictures!  Oh dear oh dear.

Anyway, after Wild Hunt gets re-printed, I’m hoping to put out it’s sequel in the near future, I really need to get on that.  Been trying to get my real life stuff under control before I sit down and do some serious writing.  The title is still up in the air for the sequel but I assure you it will be just as good as the first book!  If not even better now that I have my feet under me.  HAH.


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