Wow! Such Generosity! Much Awesome!


Doge explains all

Last night I was working on my second book, and I received an email notification.  I usually ignore them when I’m writing, but this time I didn’t.  I clicked the icon and lo and behold I saw something awesome.

Last night someone generously donated $100 to my Extra-Life campaign!  I was so happy!  So whomever you are, thank you for helping the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the IWK Grace in particular.

I might not be able to run marathons.  I might not be able to perform on stage during a telethon.  I can, however, sit my butt down, take 24hrs of my time, get my butt blown  up repeatedly in Mech Warrior Online with my team at The Black Widow Company, and git’er’dun for the kids.  I’m team captain for Team BWC this year, and we sincerely thank  you for whatever support you give us in our endeavor to play to give back (I do think that’s a tm, heh)

So if you would kindly toss your support my way so I can meet my goal of $200, that would be excellent.  Just click on through, all donations are tax deductible, and every penny donated through my link goes directly to the IWK Health Sciences foundation.  If you wish, you can click on through and donate to members of my team as well.  All money goes towards their hospital of choice.

So, here’s the link!  Every little bit is appreciated!


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