Wild Hunt is in print!!! It LIVES. IT LIVES, PEOPLE!


After months of blood, sweat and tears, as well as frustration, Wild Hunt is now LIVE over at Saga Press!

You can head on over to this link here:  http://info.kenaz.ca/?p=12727  and purchase a copy!  Right now it’s in paperback, so order now so you can get it in time for the Gift giving season!

I’m so excited to have this back out in print!  Please please enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Video trailer for Wild Hunt with clips of reviews!

Love, it knows no boundaries……including that of time.

Wild Hunt is the tale of love and its boundless, unforseen connections, in which our characters find themselves questioning the very fundamental ideas of ‘appropriate’ love…

What Angrboda hoped would be nothing but a ‘single slip’, instead finds herself in the same place as Loki’s wife…she finds herself wondering what Loki is up to, and confronts the idea that she may lose him forever…Will this love finally be the undoing of Loki? Or will it serve as a testament to the idea that love is eternal…

I will be merging editions so the reviews for the first edition will roll on over into the second so you can see the difference and improvement.

May the Gods bless you on this Samhain day!


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