The Wild Hunt Rides, and now I work on another book among other things


Well, now that the Wild Hunt is out in print, I’m now working on getting it all promoted and in the public eye.  This is probably the most difficult part of the whole author deal.

I know I could hire people, but my funds are pretty limited.  I know I can sit all day and spam twitter and Facebook all day.  I rather write.

Right now I’m sort of at a loose end.  I know I need to get to serious work on book 2, but if I don’t actively promote my first book, it just sits in limbo and the story isn’t getting told.

I’m also in an earnest search for a day job.  Small authors such as myself can’t live off of our works.  Not very easily anyway.  I might be married, but I’m gonna be realistic, It won’t bring enough in to help out.  I need something with more stability.  Don’t worry, I will be writing more.  I plan on that.  I just need to think of my family first right now.

I would love if Felicia Day or another famous reviewer got her claws in my book, and boosted it’s popularity, but those are bubbles in the wind as well.  Right now I need to put my  nose to the grindstone and bust my butt in the only way I know how.

I’m gonna write more books, hopefully along side of a decent day job.

Maybe eventually I’ll be able to live off my writing, but today is not that day.

I love all of you readers, and soon to be readers!  Head on over to If you want to pick up a copy.  Both PDF and Paperback formats are available.


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