Do you want a sneak peak at my next book?


The man is right.

Granted I’m only a few chapters in at the moment, and it’s a very very rough draft,  I think I’ll share a little bit with you.

See, in order to understand what’s going on in my second book, you’ll need to pick up and read my first!  You can do that over here:

Don’t worry it won’t be very steamy.  I haven’t even reached that point in the plot yet.  I do have a scene drafted out, just need to put it in the manuscript when it is time.

Remember, it’s VERY rough, so please be patient with the typos, and passive voice and whatnot.  I go over the whole thing with a fine toothed comb before sending it off to my publisher. 😀

Anyway, the excerpt is under the cut! Enjoy!

A gust of wind pushed a strand of fire red hair out from behind one of Loki’s pointed ears, as he walked along the immense outside gates of the walls of Asgard. Due to the nature of the crime he committed so long ago with Baldr and the mistletoe, not even a projection of himself was allowed within Asgard. It wasn’t even really a crime to be honest. It had to be done to maintain the balance of the universe, he was just the fall boy.

He hoped Miriam would know to come to the gates to meet him. He sort of neglected to tell her that he was pretty much barred from Asgard until the end days, then not even the walls he helped build in his own round about way would be able to keep him out.

Loki sighed sadly at the thought as he pushed the shock of red hair back behind his ear. His green eyes stared up at the massive stone bulwark. He noticed the guard towers dotted along it’s immense length, surrounding the whole of Asgard in nearly inpeneratable security. The guard at the post above him, stared intently at the God below. He was one of Odin’s men from Valhalla, just waiting to get into a fight.

Loki!” The guard called, “You best be moving on! You know you aren’t wanted here.” He puffed out his mailed chest and brandished his spear to show off his self importance.

A smirk curled on Loki’s scarred lips, his green eyes sparked with irritation as he clenched his strong jaw. The little tin soldier wanted to feel important did he? Loki thought to himself. He really wasn’t in a good mood. He was here to see his beloved and had been waiting in the dusk for hours. The torches at the top of the wall blazed in the darkness giving the surrounding area a deep ruddy glow.

You man,” Loki called up to the guard. “I’m waiting for someone out here. She’s rather new to the realm and probably doesn’t know her way around yet. Could you be a good little soldier and fetch her for me? I’d be eternally grateful.”

The guard huffed with indignation. “I don’t think I’ll be doing that, kinslayer.” he sneered. “I’m not your errand boy.”

Very well.” Loki said. “You do know I’m not utgarde, so Odin still talks to me on occasion. I can just call one of his ravens on over here, give him a little message, and you’d be on your way to spend some time with my daughter.”

The guard visibly paled at the thought of falling out of favor with the Allfather. “You can really do that?” he stammered.

Why yes of course, you fool! Seriously, just go get the girl for me, her name is Miriam. I’ll meet you at the service door.”

Yes Loki. I shall do as you wish, just don’t report me to Odin.” the guard said as he began to climb down the ladder to carry out his errand.

Loki smiled to himself and proceeded to the service door a few yards away. He was dressed in a non descript green linen hooded tunic, and brown hose. His leather boots just coming to his ankles. On his tunic he had a leather harness that carried various daggers and glamor potions to get out of trouble fast. He rather liked this getup, he resembled an assassin from Alfheim. Freyr would probably laugh at him, he thought.


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