Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Greetings readers, and potential readers 😀  This is the season of Yule cheer.  At least in my household everything is hustling and bustling to get gifts ready, baking done and all the stuff that goes into Yule preparations.

I know that life during this hectic season can be stressful. Seeing family you don’t usually see, (Or get along with and forcing oneself to be pleasant) can be a huge drain on the energy reserves.  You find out you forgot a gift for that Aunt who recently got a kindle last year and read all the books, or you bought a kindle for someone you know, and forgot to pre-load it, so instead of un-wrapping it, you head on over to Amazon and get a gift code.

Yep, Wild Hunt is available on Kindle right now!  You can hop on over to http;//getbook.at/WIldHunt and grab that gift code, print it out in a nice font and include it in a Christmas Card!  It’s not too late to pick up one of those last minute gifts!

Peace be upon you this wonderful season.  Blessed be!

Monica Baker


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