On seeking an agent and dealing with rejection

I have received two rejection emails so far to my queries. You know what, I ain’t even mad. Not even a slight bit disappointed to tell you the truth. Know why?

It means my queries were actually read by a human being.

They were read either by the agent him or herself, or an unpaid intern, it doesn’t matter. It means it was seen. It wasn’t just sent off to the trash bin unread. It wasn’t shuffled into the spam folder and forgotten, or worse, it wasn’t pre-screened with a screener bot and sent into the abyss before it even met human eyes.

Yes, the worst part of the submission process is the silence. The deafening silence of indifference is what really eats at you. The uncertainty that it brings can gnaw at you. The anticipation when you see that email notification go off just to see that it’s just another facebook notification from Aunt Janet about one of her three cats, starts to wear one down.

Anyway I will head off now and finish my coffee. I have to keep on this ghostwriting gig.


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