Series Post: Looking for a Literary Agent part 2.


Well, there’s still no news on the agent front.  I’ve had a few rejections, not surprised there, and a whole bunch of silence.

I guess literary agents are pretty busy people.  Honestly, I would really like to have one when I get my manuscript back in May from Saga Press.   It’s a mutual decision on both our parts, don’t worry.  I’m just going to be at a loose end on what to do with Wild Hunt when I get it back.  Do I re-self publish?  Do I just put it in the dust pile and keep sitting in the ghost writing chair for the rest of my days?  I have no idea, and am feeling rather discouraged right now.

You know it’s a huge kick in the pants when the client I’m ghost writing for says that my stuff is probably the best stuff he’s got out there, and I can’t take any credit for it what so ever, since I’m just sitting in the shadows.  If I’m really that good, why isn’t anyone looking at my stuff?  I would really like to work on my stuff again.  Sit down finish the sequel to Wild Hunt, get my Sci-Fi Fantasy book finally off the ground, stuff like that.

So if anyone has any idea on where to point my nose regarding Wild Hunt, please drop me a line in the comments.  I really would like some feedback.



2 thoughts on “Series Post: Looking for a Literary Agent part 2.

  1. Sometimes it takes another book to bring you back to something you would prefer to write. mabey you need to put it on the shelf for the time being. If the second book in the series is ready to write itself, then let it do so. If not then put it up on the shelf and work on other projects while it simmers in your cranium.

    1. Thanks 😀 I’ve been doing ghost writing work for a client over Odesk. It’s been helping me refine my craft at least. Maybe getting the whole series out at once might help? I don’t know.

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