Heads up for Nonoriel Lokason!

Nono is another excellent author and personal friend of mine that I would like to spotlight here on this blog.   He’s put out many scholarly pagan books as well as some sacred fiction, Visions of Vanaheim and Voices of Vanaheim. (as well as a snazzy collector’s edition)

He also makes some very nice jewelry and is a pretty spot on for divinations as well if that’s your thing.  If not, his books are sure to delight you and educate you on parts of Norse Mythology that many don’t know about, the the Vanic side, with Freyja, Freyr, Njord et al.  Every day you learn something new is another day that hasn’t been wasted!

So please go check him out.  His website is http://www.nornoriellokason.com/ and leads to all of his goodies.


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