My hobbies!

You know, all I do on this blog is blab about my writing, and book and other promotions and stuff.  I think it’s about time I chat a bit about my hobby.

I’m a gamer.  I love video games.  I play a variety of games, too.  Some hardcore, some casual and absolutely inane (Goat Simulator FTW!)  Anyway I stream my games over on my twitch channel.  There will be colour commentary and you get to see my shiny happy face while I blow stuff up!

Anyway, hop on over, subscribe and watch me play video games.  It`s fun, I`m happy go lucky and all that stuff too.  Sometimes I get all serious.

I guarantee you it`s more fun than watching paint dry.

I don`t see the point in writing until I know what`s going on with my book and what to do with it when I get it back tbh…and you know what, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl.  So here`s my play.


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