Update on the Status of “Wild Hunt”

Alright, as you all know, Saga Press and I have parted ways.  Her readership and my book just did not mesh, and that’s okay.  Sometimes that’s the way things go.  Now I’m on a mad quest to find another publisher.


From what I’ve been gathering through the Google, endorsements from other authors, especially well known authors in one’s genre can gain more favorable opinions from publishers than just going, “PLEASE PUBLISH MY THING IT IS GOOD.” so I’ve been going around and emailing various authors to gage interest.  Sad thing, because of previous copyright lawsuits, many authors do not do this any more.  Greedy people, you are the reason we can’t have nice things!  UGH.


So, if you’re a well known/semi-well known author in the Fantasy/Paranormal genre, please get in touch with me, leave a comment on this post and I’ll email you.  It would be a great help.  Remember you were a n00b in the industry once yourself.   I know if I ever become decent I will offer endorsements, it doesn’t hurt anyone.

Anyway, I hope that eventually I will get the shiny endorsements and then I can get the shiny publishing contract.  THEN, I can get my butt back to writing my stuff, because as much as ghost writing has helped me refine my craft, I would much rather work on my own stuff.  While you wait, here’s a photo of a bunch of cute kittens.

download (1)


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