It’s my blog and I’ll have a pity party if I want to.

As a struggling first time author, the publishing industry feels like this:


Unapproachable, inviolable and just huge.  Trying to get an agent feels like you’re trying to contact some remote planet.  You’re speaking one language and they’re all distant and they don’t understand and they respond in another language and the only word you hear and understand is “NOPE”.

Luckily we have options now.  With Kindle Direct Publishing we can actually get our stuff out.  Still, what if one doesn’t even have that option?

I don’t.  I can’t get a cover.  I can’t afford cover art.  That is my biggest hurdle.  I had an artist commissioned, but he’s on hard times and his computer is busted.  So, there goes that idea.   The first cover was meh, my second cover, belongs to my former publisher.  So…here I am. I have a manuscript, and no real publishers want it, and I can’t avail myself of KDP because I have no cover.  Their cover creator sucks btw, even then I’ll have to pay for stock photography.  So nope.  I know!  I can open up MS Paint and draw a stick figure on a stick horse holding a stick spear and call that my cover.  Voila.


9000 hours in MSpaint.  Nailed it! gonna use ComicSans as a font, yo.

Artists deserve to get paid.  I don’t have the money so I won’t even *think* of asking.  It’s not fair to them, and I don’t believe in “Oh you’ll get credit” either.


this is how I picture an artist when someone asks them to do something for “credit”

I’ve made many a mistake going down this road, and I’m not willing to give up. I’m just feeling kind of discouraged is all. :/ Kind of when someone kicks you in the nuts and then you fall to the ground whimpering like a little baby…well I feel like that…I get up…to get kicked again. I’ll just keep getting up and either turn this into an Aw Mah Bawls comedy (Idiocracy ftw) or finally be able to land a punch…


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