Thinking about Self Publishing again

During this entire journey I have been told time and time again that self-publishing is the way to go.  That you have full control over your work, your pricing, and distribution.  They neglect to point out that, you have no control over how you spend your time.


It’s an endless grind of self-promotion, that’s what it is.  You’re always shouting at the top of your lungs, trying to shout over everyone else who is also shouting at the tops of their lungs to sell their books.  No one takes you seriously, no one wants to read your book because of the general reputation self-published books are considered less readable than the books publishers produce, and generally that is true.


I know that when I first self-published Wild Hunt, it wasn’t edited properly, I’ll admit it.  I rushed the production like many first time indie authors generally do.  It’s all “I WROTE THIS THING” and it gets put out in a rush.  The editing isn’t the problem now.  Wild Hunt is completely edited, it’s shiny, it’s beautiful and I think it deserves to be seen by as many people as possible.  One problem, if I do go the self-publish route, I’ll be stuck in the promotional grind again, and not spending any time writing its sequel.  Of course I’ve been trying to write its sequel for well over a year now and not getting anywhere because I’ve been trying so damn hard to get Wild Hunt out into the public.

Honestly, I don’t have the time to self-promote like crazy.  I seriously don’t.  I *want* to write.  I *want* to work on my own stuff and not just sit there screaming into cyber space trying to get people to buy my book.  Maybe I’ll get more readers if I get book 2 out?  I doubt it because hardly anyone noticed Wild Hunt when it was out either.

Seriously, if any of you blog readers can give me any idea on how I can streamline the promotion process so I can get it out there, *effectively* with little to no money *since I have no income of my own to invest in this* I would be eternally grateful.


Just leave a comment and I’ll read it all.  I’m just at my wits end.  I don’t want to quit. I refuse to quit, but I need to be able to find balance and that’s what I’m having trouble with.  I have a family that needs my attention, I also have other hobbies that I would like to enjoy once in a while.  Writing is my passion and all but it’s just not all that I do.

So yeah, any suggestions on how to streamline, I’m all ears/eyes.


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