Let’s hope Third Time’s the Charm, eh? Re-release of Wild Hunt!


Alright, let’s hope the third time is the charm with this book.  I am re-publishing Wild Hunt, independently via Amazon KDP Select for 90 days, then if it goes well on Amazon and the rankings increase, I’m going to open it up to Nook, Kobo, iBooks, Google Play and SmashWords.

I even have a snazzy new cover for the third edition, check it out, my friend Wesley Clark, aka @DoctorCyanide on Twitter did this beauty up for me:


So yeah, if you’re an Indie author, look him up.  His rates are very reasonable and his work is superb.  He communicates with you every step of the way and makes sure everything is right to your specification.

So without further ado:  you can head on over to Amazon and grab your kindle copy 😀  for 90 days it’s free for Kindle Unlimited users, and if you’re not a Kindle Unlimited user you can grab it for a cool $2.99.  It will be available in paperback as well for all you people who are addicted to the feel of pages turning under your thumbs and the sound of paper rustling in your ears, but it will be more expensive, of course.

If you’re wondering, nothing has really changed between the first and third editions.  The story is the same, the cover is different, that is all.  It’s still an awesome read if you haven’t picked your copy up yet. So what are you waiting for?

 Click here to buy your copy today!


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