Wild Hunt up on Smashwords!

Alrighty, I don’t like how the Kindle Direct Publishing was going about with the whole “Pay Per Page” with Kindle Select/Prime so I opted out of the KDP program.  Don’t worry! I’m still on Amazon at http://mybook.to/WildHunt I just decided to widen my distribution channels a little, okay, a lot.

I submitted to Kobo.  I’m waiting on it to be published there.  I’ll definitely post a link up when it goes live on the Chapters/Kobo store.

I looked at Google Play, and will be submitting it up there once they open up their marketplace for new submissions.  Right now they’re doing something and they aren’t open yet.

I tried Barnes and Noble, but they don’t like us Canadians so I had to abandon ship on that, BUT I found Smashwords actually ships/distributes to those channels, and to iBooks so I’m all good for those channels now!  YAY ME.

So here we go, this be the Smashwords link https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/553198  Please make sure you leave a review when you’ve read it!


Either Amazon, Goodreads, or on Smashword, heck all three would be awesome!


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