Here Is An Idea For A Good Summer Read: Wild Hunt by Monica Baker


Summer Vacation is upon us!  Many of us, who can are heading over to our local beaches, be they sea-side or lake-side for a good little bit of rest and relaxation.   Nothing beats lounging around on a comfy beach chair in the warm summer sun while reading a good book.

But what if you have absolutely no idea what to bring with you?  Your Kindle shows all it’s files at %100 read, the Kobo you got for your birthday last week is sitting woefully empty.

Well, there’s a new paranormal/mythic romance on the scene!  Something fresh, not shape shifter-y (well kind of, but it isn’t the focus because Loki is The Original Shapeshifter of Norse Lore.  hahah) Not based in Vampires or Werewolves (Fenrir doesn’t count, He is like The God of Werewolves..not really a Werewolf).  No bears, no dragons, just Gods.

Who doesn’t want to be taken by Gods.  To be found absolutely worthy of their love and devotion?  Be swept away by The Wild Hunt this summer!

Miriam Brinson has gone through life thinking she was just a normal girl on a rural island with the normal troubles of the unpopular kid.  Little did she know, Loki, the Norse God of Mischief had her brought back from the dead to be his lover once more.

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And for those of you who relish the feel of paper under your fingers and that new book smell, click here to buy a paper copy!


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