Personal Post Time: Saying bye bye to two furry friends.


This is Tony


This is Rhodie

Two guinea pigs I’ve had since they were born are getting re-homed today.  We have 4 piggies in total, two girls, and two boys (the two pictured above)  in different cages.  Due to space logistics, I can’t put the boys cage higher than it already is, so whenever I go in to clean it, it really hurts my back.  Not only that we might have to put our house on the market next year due to a possible posting (yay military life) and we can’t have the extra mess the boys make.  They’re adorable little critters, but stinky, even more so since there’s two females living pretty much directly above them.

See, we originally adopted two female piggies, Chuzzle and Sugar.  Sugar came to us pregnant, unbeknownst to us until she started getting absolutely huuuuuge.


This was Sugar.  She was huge, and it was only two babies!

Anyway, she got a skin infection and passed away due to the complications of the antibiotics she was given after she had the two boys, Tony and Rhodie.  We had to get another companion for Chuzzle so we adopted Floofers.

So pretty much, the two boys have to be re-homed because my physical health makes it very difficult for me to keep two 2×4 cube and coroplast cages clean.  It’s also difficult for me to bend over and remove the boys from their cage for some needed lap and socialization time as well on a regular basis.  Because of this they are suffering and need a good home with someone who can give them all the love and attention they deserve.

It’s kinda emotional because I did have them since they were teeny tiny babies. So, so long little guys…hope your new home treats you kindly.

004 005

Rhodie and Tony as little baby peegs. Literally handfuls of fluff.


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