Happy Canada Day!

Hello from Canada!  Yes, I am Canadian and very proud to be so.  Today is our national patriotic holiday, Canada day.  So, tonight, the husband, the kids and I will be sitting on our deck and watching the fireworks display that our local little town will put on at the soccer field around the corner.  It’s not a bad little show to be honest considering the size of this place.

So on Canada day, support Canadian authors!  (Yes, like me hehe) You can head on over to my facebook page and give it a “Like”  And you can hop on over to Twitter and punch that follow button.  I try to be engaging but no one wants to talk to me, so yeah if you tweet me Imma tweet you back.  Don’t worry I don’t bite, well unless you want me to.  Wait, that’s Loki’s line. hehehe.

If you’re interested in my book, you can hop on over to Amazon, Smashwords, or Kobo to pick up a copy!  (You can click the shiny links and it’ll take you right to the buy page :D)

If you’re a Canadian Author, and would like a shout out, just leave a comment down below.  I’ll be glad to feature your blog in a shout out!  I might not be big yet, but I have a mighty loud roar.


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