Huge News! Piers Anthony Read My Book!


Seriously!!!  He posted up in his Jewel-Lye (July for all you non-Xanth Readers) newsletter!!!

I read Wild Hunt by Monica Baker. This is a supernatural romance with a Norse mythology background. Miriam is a seemingly normal child whose mother died in childbirth, and who gets endlessly abused by brother and schoolmates. It turns out that she is favored by the god Loki, who had a relationship with her in a prior incarnation 3,000 years ago, and opposed by Loki’s ex wife the giantess Angraboda (she’s authentic mythological; I looked her up, thinking the name was made up to be symbolic, “angry body”, which she is, actually), and the latter is responsible for most of Miriam’s problems, while Loki tries to protect her without revealing himself. Bit by bit she learns the situation, and gets to interact with Loki and his brother Odin in some steamy sex sequences, and even with the wolf-man Fenrir, whose enormous member gives her a thirty minute orgasm. Finally she is captured by jealous Angraboda, who means to sacrifice her and be rid of her. But at last Miriam’s own divine ancestry manifests and she is able to defeat the giantess. This is an interesting if sometimes brutal, sometimes erotic story.

There’s the quote.  This is HUGE.  I’m beside myself with glee. It’s just.. *dies*

So there you go.  A very well known and respected author liked my book.  I’m just beside myself with happiness.

Pick it up today!

On Amazon

On Kobo

On Smashwords

Or On CreateSpace


Alright in my excitement I was totally rushed.  I mean I am full of all sorts of Feelz right now it isn’t even funny.

I’ve read Piers Anthony’s books since I was a little girl.  I mean I was grounded to my room without any media for some sort of infraction or another, I don’t quite remember, and I managed to sneak “Golem In the Gears” into my room to keep me occupied.  I read that book from front to back.  Loved Grundy’s adventures.  My first novel was Vale of the Vole when I was eight.  I was a complete Xanth fiend.  I moved to his Incarnations of Immortality Series, and a few other of  his titles as time went on, but I always went back to Xanth.  It’s my happy, magical place.  Piers Anthony is one of my biggest inspirations, and is the main reason why I’m an author today.  His books sparked my imagination into overdrive and now I can put it to paper for everyone else to read.


2 thoughts on “Huge News! Piers Anthony Read My Book!

  1. Awesome to get a review, and better yet to be a good one, and super to be from an author you really like! I just purchased the ebook via Amazon, after finding out about it through the Friends of CoH Facebook group. I’m looking forward to reading it! (I also published by first novel-length fiction in 2015, so the new author bit caught my eye, too.) Keep up the everyday heroism and writing, Monica!

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