Violence vs Sex in American Culture (Reblog)

Since Mr. Russo doesn’t have a Reblog button, I’m sharing this the old fashioned way.

Honestly, I completely agree with this assessment.  Why is it okay to portray someone’s head getting lopped off, intestines being eviscerated, or whatever gory violent end a human being can be subjected to, but once you portray two people lovingly engaging in a pleasurable act, it’s like “OH NOES…”

Heck, Scribd has removed erotica from their library.

Amazon won’t allow erotica authors to avail themselves of their in house advertising services.  (Seriously go check it out)  What the heck is wrong with this picture?

My kids can turn on the television and see people getting blown up and shot during prime time, but nooope, no sex.

Why is it okay for my kids to watch people lose their lives, but not the creation thereof?

Violence Vs. Sex In American Culture


I hope you don’t mind me taking an uncharacteristic journey into self-indulgence for a moment. This will be short, I promise. The title of the article is probably far more lofty than it deserves. Earlier this evening on Facebook, I spotted the following image:

This rustled my jimmies enough to share the image on my page with a bit of a rant. I know many of you will disagree with what I said, and that’s ok! No, really! It’s ok!

Here’s the original text of my rant. I’d love to hear your comments, whether they agree or disagree. I just think we as a society should at least discuss it, rather than take certain things as objective truth because we were raised a certain way.

Click here to read more of the original post

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