Friday Five Challenge–Category Gay Big Beutiful Men (Chubby Men)

Reblogging For my friend Ki 😀

The Story Struggle and Beyond

Happy Friday!

I’ve missed a few Fridays in the Friday Five Challenge because of, well, travelling, editing, and life, but I vowed I would actually get it in today, so here we go.

What is the Friday Five Challenge? Let me give you a brief refresher (or first time explanation if you’re completely unfamiliar with it). The quick and dirty run down: In five minutes or less you go to an online book supplier, pick a category, and browse book covers until one appeals to you. Then look at the blurb and a few comments and decide if you’d pass or buy. Then post it on twitter at #FridayFiveChallenge. Eventually, what this should do for you, is help you to notice what does and doesn’t make for good copy on a blurb, ect. Also, it’s pretty entertaining.

Part of the fun for me with the FFC is to pick a category of book to browse that I…

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