Review for Wild Hunt up at TheDayBeforeYouCame

This is a very generous man who said he would review Wild Hunt even though it wasn’t the kind of book he was generally interested in.  He usually reviews M/M erotica/romance so I hope to see my friend Ki Brightly up there some day 😀  Anyway click on over and read the review.  A few take away bits from it:

The sex scenes are elaborate and very very detailed.

Anyway, the story was not bad, the fantasy elements were good and the story was long enough to provide for a good start.

Some elements weren’t his cup of tea, and that’s fine.  One can’t please everyone and that’s perfectly okay.

If it is your cup of tea, please feel free to pick it up!

ETA:  I guess he *did* like it 😀  YAY!


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