Review: Seduced By The Shark by Emanuelle Lovecraft


Edited to show off the new cover!

I picked this book up for free on Kindle Unlimited.  For some reason Amazon won’t let me leave a review on their site so I’ll leave one here.

Now, the first thing I noticed was the underwhelming cover.  I understand not everyone has access to top notch cover artists, so I’ll let it slide.  (She fixed it!  She got new cover art for all her books!  NICE!) The second thing I noticed was how short this book was.  Nothing new for the erotica scene though, short dirty stories are par for the course in that genre.

On to the writing.  This story definitely is spicy.  It’s well researched and has a decent plot for an erotica.  Wait, it actually has a plot.  One would almost think Ms. Lovecraft was from South Africa because of how well she captured the place.

Now on to the money quote:

You’re going to have to suck my dick you know.” Ushaka hissed in his ear.  “Not until I cum mind you but yes, suck my dick, I’m a shark.”

The way she put a meme in here made me laugh out loud.  The protagonist response was equally spot on:

“May I ask which one?” Johannes asked straight faced.

Honestly, you need to read this book for yourself.  It’s sexy, funny, and it doesn’t have your standard shape shifter, IE: Wolf/bear/dragon/cat.  It’s definitely different.

She also delves into South African Zulu lore.  But you’ll have to find out.

You can find Seduced by the Shark here  It’s free on Kindle Unlimited.


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