Review: A Harem Boy’s Saga II: Unbridled


This book is eloquently written and I wish I could have grabbed the first one before starting in on this wonderful read.  Young’s life is one of those mesmerising timelines that you really don’t believe is real, but honestly is.  The fantastical journey of a young man who gets to experience everything and anything many people only dream of is just wonderful, and I secretly envy him, but in a good way.

The transitions between the present writing and memory are smooth and seamless.  You can tell the difference in time, but other than that it fits very well with the past narrative. You can tell it’s a stroll down memory lane while he looks to reconnect with his former lover.

The views he has on sexuality mirror that of my own.  The fact that sex is a sacred act, a link between the mortal and divine is very well articulated in this book and it resonated with me at a very core level. This comes through as Young and his party work on a project called “Sacred Sex in Sacred Places”

This book also opens up some of the lesser known aspects of a few cultures, that’s as much as I want to say without spoilers, but Young’s education delves into the hidden aspects of the cultures he was exposed to, that certain things aren’t as cut and dry as the authors of the tomes of history would like you to think.  This definitely causes the reader to do a little bit of soul searching as to what one has been told is culturally appropriate regarding love and sex.

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