Review: Backstage Passes, Guaranteed by Emanuelle Lovecraft


Edited to add the new cover!

After I picked up Seduced by The Shark, by Emanuelle Lovecraft I noticed on the back page there were links to her other works.  I noticed that this one was on a free deal so I picked it up since I did enjoy her Shark shifter story.

Again, the cover has much to be desired.  It does have a bit of a throwback to a gritty back alley behind the concert venue, but that is it, but I decided to not judge her book by the cover yet again. (She fixed it!  It looks like Emanuelle Lovecraft has fixed all her covers!  NICE!)

Boy I wasn’t disappointed.  This starts off hot, and Jordan’s reactions were pretty realistic.  The BDSM in it is also pretty realistic as well.  She could have developed Eric’s character a little more, and it does leave it open for a sequel without being too much of a cliffhanger.

Emanuelle is proving very versatile in her writing, picking two niches she can excel and sticking with them.  This new erotica author is definitely someone to watch.

You can pick up Backstage Passes, Guaranteed at for free if you’re a Kindle Ultimate subscriber.


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