About Monica Baker

Monica Baker is a brand new author on the Paranormal Romance scene.  She originally self published Wild Hunt, then subsequently was picked up by Saga Press. (Heathen, not Simon and Sheuster) She’s now in limbo as to what to do with her title once it’s been released back to her from Saga Press.  She is now in search of a literary agent and/or a new publisher.

She has recently re-self published Wild Hunt!  Please check out the “Where To Buy” page for more info!

She lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, and is married to a member of the Royal Canadian Airforce.  She has two children and two guinea pigs.  When she isn’t sitting down and working on her novels, she is either engaging in her second passion, cooking, or rocking out with the Black Widow Company while playing Mech Warrior Online or other online games.

She started writing steamy short stories under her given name, as a little side hobby to keep her mind occupied while her husband was deployed.  This branched off into writing novels, with Loki as her muse.

She is a Northern Tradition Pagan of the Lokean bent, but Odin and Thor hang around as well.  She isn’t inspired by the Marvel characters due to the whole copyright deal they have.

As her bibliography gets bigger, it will be added to this page.  Please keep an eye out.

Right now she’s stuck in the ghost writers chair.

You can follow her on Twitter by clicking here!  Also you can go Like her Facebook Page by clicking here!


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